"I have been a veterinarian at the Lloydminster Animal Hospital and Southside Veterinary Clinic for 15 years now.  During that time, I have been proud to be able to assist the Lloydminster and District SPCA with any medical and surgical procedures that I can, and I have previously served on their Board of Directors as well.   The team at the shelter is an amazing group of caring and compassionate professionals who go above and beyond to help the stray and unwanted pets in our community.  We see their needs every day, and I am happy to help out in this small way.  I only wish that I could be in the shelter in person to support them this year!"

Listen up follow dog and cat people now is the time more than ever that the Lloydminster and district SPCA needs our support and of course donations covid-19 has put a toll on all of us with a new laws and regulations only one person is allowed in the SPCA at a time not only are these puppies and kitties waiting for their forever homes but they're lonely take it upon yourself to find it in your heart to donate to the SPCA or come and take home your new best friend in time to be curled next to you this holiday season . Times are tough for everyone we need to stick together and we need to support amazing causes and rescue such as SPCA any little bit helps. ❤️🐾🐾


Cob's Bread

“Kim is not only an amazing Supporter of our SPCA but she is a real treat to be around. She takes beautiful pictures of our Animals to help get them into their new forever homes, and it truly does make a difference.”

"Hi there!! My name is Gala, I'm so excited to meet you! Will you rub my belly?
I love it here SO MUCH at the SPCA that I just keep coming back! I am up for adoption again for the 4th time and am really ready to find my forever family. I promise I am a really good girl and have a really big heart, I just need someone with an equally big heart to take me home! You can check out my adoption profile under the 'Adopt' tab to learn more about me and what I need in a new human to set me up for success.
I'm told that the SPCA has at least a few of us who they consider to be a 'Frequent Flyer', and while I know the staff here loves to see me, they'd prefer it to be me and my new owner just stopping in for a visit next time.
I believe in soulmates and I am certain mine is out there! Someone who will see past my faults and who is willing to take the time to work with me on my anxiety and habit of taking myself on adventures without asking my human beforehand. The reality is that those of us who tend to come and go from the SPCA more than once generally end up taking longer each time to find their next (and hopefully forever) home, I personally am at 1.5 months of waiting this time around!
Please consider donating today to help dogs like me who need a second (or third, or fourth...) chance. I promise you we are worth it."



Prime Time Local News


One of my biggest reasons to support the SPCA is to help with the overpopulation problem that is a growing concern with cats and dogs. We spay and neuter cats and dogs on a weekly basis, which along with those of you that adopt, helps to keep pet populations low and manageable. I am thankful to have the SPCA in our community and enjoy working alongside them to help those who are most in need!



The SPCA is something that is very near and dear to our hearts. They make it possible for so many loved pets to find their way home safely when lost, and work tirelessly to provide adequate care for homeless animals until the right forever homes can be found. The SPCA is an integral part of our community and we couldn’t imagine the City without them!!! 

Cob's Bread is an great Supporter of not only us but everyone in our Community. They Donate their goods and fundraise for local Charities. We're proud to have them as one of our Participants today!

"Hey, Hi, How Are Ya?
We are Marty, Kate and Olsen and we've been in the care of the SPCA since July! We were fortunate to be placed in foster care at first for a while with fantastic foster parents and have now been available for adoption for months. We were quite young when we have first arrived and have spent the vast majority of our lives so far at the shelter.
We are a bit nervous of new people at first but we are confident that once we are in a stable home environment, we will continue to warm up to you and become great friends.
We would appreciate you donating to our bail! The SPCA has been providing us food, care and love for almost half a year now and we know they would be grateful for your support!"

Puppy Luv


The 2020 Jail & Bail Inmates

Marty Olsen


Groomer Has It

Kimberly Kalon Photography

Kilted Customs

This year's Jail & Bail will be held on Thursday, December 11, 2020 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. You can donate to your favorite jailbird by selecting the Donate button underneath each participant.



SPCA Participants


Lloydminster and District SPCA

Box 10566
Lloydminster, AB   T9V 3A6

Phone: 780 875-2809
Fax: 780-875-2819

Email: kennel@lloydminsterspca.com
​CRA Charitable No. 107998775RR0001

"I chose to help the SPCA this year because they continue to do good for not only the community but also all the animals that need homes. I’ve had colleagues in the past that have taken part in the jail and bail and I always knew I wanted to help out and do my part."

SPCA Participants

Weir Veterinary Services

Cam and Walter


I chose to help Support the Lloydminster SPCA because my family was apart of creating the SPCA and I want to carry on my families legacy. I am on the Board of Directors as the President and I'm very proud to say we are a very hands on Board.

My right hand man, Walter, also wants to help Support the SPCA as he is a Rescue himself, so he knows the importance of Adopting.

"Hi, I am Maliha! 
I'm excited to participate in the Jail and Bail this year because I have called the SPCA my home for a while now. Prior to coming to the SPCA, I broke my leg and as a result, severed a tendon, so I will require surgery on my leg very soon. I am told I am going to be a "tri-pawd", whatever that means, but the humans at the SPCA seem to think it isn't going to bother me as I'm more than ready to be able to run and play without my leg bringing me down.
While the SPCA ensures we are all spayed or neutered prior to being adopted, they also have dogs (like me!) and cats come through the door unexpectedly that require more specialized surgeries and care. Please consider donating towards my bail today to help me and all the other animals who will be coming into their care in future who will need more medical attention than the average dog!"

Puppy Luv


"Pleasure to meet you, I'm Pepper!
The SPCA has been my home for 105 days now, which is starting to feel like a really long time for me. I've made some cat friends since I first arrived, but they all have had some humans I've never smelled before pick them up, give them scratches and I haven't seen them since. It's a long-standing belief among us shelter cats that when this happens, it means they've been chosen to go to the 'Forever Home', where they get a new human as a servant, their own toys and a warm lap to sleep in at night. I am hoping this is true and beginning to wonder when it's going to be my turn?? I'm tired of seeing the same human servants every day here, but I do love all the head scratches they give me every morning. 
I'm told it sometimes takes longer to get to the 'Forever Home', but while I'm patiently awaiting my turn, please consider donating to my bail!"

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“I just want do what I can to help the Lloydminster SPCA where I met my roommate, my cat Bower.”

Lloydminster Animal Hospital

Gold Horse Casino

SPCA Participants

“Gold Horse Casino staff, SIGA and myself support the wonderful work done by the SPCA to help all animals in need. The Casino had previously had a cat on our doorstep, and through the help of the SPCA he is now apart of my family. I love working with such a wonderful cause and only hope to spread the same joy to another family!”.

SPCA Participants