“I want to help because it breaks my heart to see animals with no home or family. All animals deserve a good, loving family.”

Abby St. John 

News Anchor

“The SPCA has always been an organization that I've loved. When I was younger, my family and I would go into the SPCA back home and go through and see & pet all the animals, with 1 or 2 or 7 wishful comments from me to maybe take 1 or 2 or 7 animals’ home. I've had many friends and family who have supported the SPCA, given furever homes to the animals in need, and even temporarily fostered animals as well when the SPCA was at capacity.”

Groomer Has It

Gold Horse Casino staff, SIGA, as well as my family and I support the SPCA initiative due to all their needs and overall wellbeing of animals.

“Always a pleasure to support such an amazing cause. Anything to get the cats and the dogs at the SPCA adopted and of course raising the funds so their bellies can be full, sleep on comfy beds and have heat on to keep them cozy and warm just seems like a no-brainer. More people need to come get locked up for the day with the dogs cats to see for themselves who doesn't love wet sloppy kisses and a purring baby to cuddle. I encourage all small and big businesses to get involved. Would love to see everyone on the floor adopted this year just in time for the holidays.”

​Animal Hospital

We’re one crazy trio, but boy are we excited for our new forever homes! We have been in the shelter for 94 Days and as much as we love the ladies here, we just really really want to find our new families! All Donations that go towards us today will go directly to our Adoption fees ($150 each) and anything that goes higher will go back to the Shelter!! Thank You for helping us find our new forever homes today!  

“I want to help because I think all the little critters deserve a home to spoil them.”

“The Lloydminster and District SPCA has given us two amazing animals. We want to give back to them as much as we can."

SPCA (Longest Resident)

Pet Valu

Battery World

Julie Westergard

Tre Lopushinski

Robyn Chipman


Dana Crawford


Janelle Mysko


Bri Lutz



“I want to help because I think all the little critters deserve a home to spoil them.”

“Why wouldn’t I wanna be locked up with a dog or cat? I think that’s the only way I could be locked up!”

Dr. Becky Newman


Hannah Haas


Nikki Headon


Prime Time Local News

Roger Anderson 

Alvin Simon Theodore

Puppy Luv

Randy Marsh

Lloydminster and District SPCA

Box 10566
Lloydminster, AB   T9V 3A6

Phone: 780 875-2809
Fax: 780-875-2819

Email: kennel@lloydminsterspca.com
​CRA Charitable No. 107998775RR0001

​“Hi there, I’m Jackie. I have been at the SPCA for 55 days now and I’m just ready for a nice, warm, snuggly home to call my own. I like my space, and as long as other kitties like me then I don’t overly mind them being around me. Any donations made towards me today will go directly to my Adoption ($130) and anything above that will go back into the shelter. 

The SPCA is something that is very near and dear to our hearts. They make it possible for so many loved pets to find their way home safely when lost, and work tirelessly to provide adequate care for homeless animals until the right forever homes can be found. The SPCA is an integral part of our community and we couldn’t imagine the City without them!!! 


“I believe that an animals’ life is so precious. When a family adopts a pet, they become a member of that family, I believe that pets deserve the best in life since their whole life is revolved around their family. I am participating because, I want these animals to find their forever home so they can receive the love they deserve. I want to also thank the SPCA for everything they do for these animals every day.”

​Animal Hospital

“My cat Cali comes from an SPCA and I am thankful for everything they do. The SPCA is a great organization to support with all they do for the animals that need it.”

Melissa Thurlow

“I just want do what I can to help the Lloydminster SPCA where I met my roommate, my cat Bower.”

“I want to help raise money  because I love animals, I have two fur babies myself! These animals have no voice to speak up for themselves and they need to find that forever home that I know is out there, that will give them the love and care they need!”

“I’m currently the SPCA’s Longest Resident. I have been between the SPCA and Puppy Luv for 103 days now. The nice ladies here at the Shelter said that donations made towards me will pay for my Adoption ($150) and then anything after that will go right back into the SPCA. How exciting is that!! Will you help Bail me out and find me a new home?”

Pet Valu


The 2019 Jail & Bail Inmates

"I am fortunate to work with our local SPCA staff on a regular basis, dealing with patients at the shelter.  The staff are so kind, compassionate and caring.  I am happy to help out with Jail and Bail again this year to increase the quality of care these ladies can provide to all the shelter pets."

“Always down to help a kitty or puppy in need. Even if it means my eventual imprisonment.”

Secure Energy


​​"I would like to be in Jail & Bail to help raise money for the animals in the SPCA and help them feed and care for them until they are able to go to their forever home.​​"

Dan Soul

Olivia Jeanne


Kalie MacIntosh

Puppy Luv

This year's Jail & Bail will be held on Thursday, December 12, 2019 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. You can donate to your favorite jailbird by selecting the Donate button underneath each participant.

Vicki Van Meeteren


Wildside Outdoors


Michelle Woodridge

Gold Horse Casino

“All I live for is sleep, food and beard scratches. I am a human cat so obviously I am down to support my own kind. Dogs are cool too.”

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Ian Headon