Lloydminster and District SPCA

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Lloydminster, AB   T9V 3A6

Phone: 780 875-2809
Fax: 780-875-2819

Email: kennel@lloydminsterspca.com
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Admission Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the Lloydminster and District SPCA charge an admission fee?

The average cost of care for each animal, during their stay in the shelter, is approximately $300. This cost includes:

  • General health examination and vaccinations
  • Spay or Neuter surgery
  • ​Feeding, general care and cleaning
  • ​Behaviour assessments
  • ​Maintenance and care of building and equipment

Your admission fee covers only a small portion of this cost. Click on the link to learn more about our Admission Fees.

What happens to my pet once it has been admitted to the Lloydminster and District SPCA?

Admitting your pet is just the first step in the admission process. After admission, your pet will:

  • Have their picture taken, for identification purposes

  • Be examined by a certified Animal Health Technologist and vaccinated, if not previously completed

  • Undergo a behaviour and temperament evaluation

  • Depending on your pets age and medical history, it may need to be placed under observation for a minimum of 3-7 days to ensure they do not have illness or disease

  • After the observation period, your dog, puppy, cat or kitten, will be microchipped and placed for adoption

  • If your dog or cat is up to date with current vaccinations, and is deemed suitable for adoption by our behaviour and medical departments, it may be placed for adoption shortly after admission

If my pet is deemed unsuitable for adoption, will I be informed and will I be able to take it back?

Unfortunately, all pets admitted will either be placed for adoption or euthanized without prior notice to the admitter, at the sole discretion of the Lloydminster and District SPCA.

If my pet is placed for adoption, will it be euthanized if it is not adopted, after a set period of time?

The Lloydminster and District SPCA does not place a time limit on any animal we place for adoption. As long as your pet remains physically and mentally healthy, they will remain in our care until adopted.

If I admit two pets together, will they be adopted together?

Whenever possible, we encourage adopters to take both animals that were admitted together. However, we cannot guarantee that your pets will be adopted together.

Will I be informed when my pet finds a new home?

To adhere to the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA), no information regarding the outcome of any animal will be released to the admitter once an animal has been surrendered to the Lloydminster and District SPCA.