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EMergency Preparedness

Disaster can strike at any time. When it does, it is important that all your family, including your pets, are prepared.


  • Emergency evacuations can be extended for days or even weeks. Therefore, you should always be prepared to take your pets with you.

  • Evacuation kennels fill up quickly. Arranging a place that can take you pet, such as family or friends, is recommended.

  • Your pet should be current on vaccinations in the event they have to be housed at an evacuation kennel. This will reduce the risk of disease and illness for both your pet and other animals.

  • Make sure your pet is licensed and has identification such as a microchip and id tag, in the event you are separated during an evacuation. This will improve the chances of being reunited quickly.

  • Register your pets with our Pet Emergency Registry. This list will be used during an emergency to help first responders identify residence that have pets.


During an evacuation, it is important that you be prepared to take care of yourself and your family for a minimum of 72 hours during an emergency. You should also understand the basic principles of first aid and safety.

Be sure to have a Basic Pet Emergency Kit ready in the event of a crisis. The following is a list of essential items to include:

All Pets

  • Food and water (7 day supply of fresh food & drinking water in airtight container)
  • Bowls (at least two/pet) & can opener ​
  • Blankets, toys & treats
  • Medical/vaccination records, medication & veterinarian contact information
  • Recent photos of you & your pet (include species, breed, age, sex, color on reverse)
  • Emergency contact information for pet owner & friends outside evacuation area
  • Copies of license, microchip & tattoo records
  • Cleaning supplies (paper towel, disinfectant, newspaper, plastic bags)
  • Pet first aid kit


  • ​Strong Leash & Collar
  • Carrier or Crate (large enough to comfortably house pet for several hours/days)
  • Poop bags


  • Litterbox - with extra litter and litter scoop
  • ​Collar, harness and leash
  • Carrier or Crate (large enough to comfortably house pet for several hours/days)

Small Animals

  • Extra Bedding
  • Carrier (large enough to comfortably house pet for several hours/days)


  • Heater

Reptiles & Fish

  • Extra Bedding or Substrate
  • Extra Lightbulbs
  • Extension Cord/Power Bar
  • Water Mister
  • Water Conditioner
  • ​Filters