Lloydminster and District SPCA

Box 10566
Lloydminster, AB   T9V 3A6

Phone: 780 875-2809
Fax: 780-875-2819

Email: kennel@lloydminsterspca.com
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INspiring Care and Compassion for All Animals

Lloydminster and District SPCA is committed to provide Humane Education to the youth of the community. Through school presentations, shelter tours and community outreach programs, the SPCA emphasizes compassion and kindness to all animals and the importance of humane care to future pet guardians. Our programs are highly interactive, student-centred and age-appropriate. All of our programs are free, however, donations are greatly appreciated.

Shelter Tour

Experience 'A Day in the Life of a Shelter' animal. Approximately 1 hour, students are introduced to the Five Freedoms for Animals and learn the importance of providing an enriched environment for animals while in the shelter. Students receive a tour of the facility, make treats and toys for the dogs and cats and get to visit with the animals.

Class Presentations

We offer a variety of in class presentations and activities depending on the

grade. Presentations are approximately 1 hour. Topics include:

  • Responsible pet ownership
  • Dog and Cat Body Language​
  • The Importance of Spaying/Neutering your pet
  • Careers at an SPCA


For more information on our Humane Education Programs or to book a tour, please contact Becca Lawrence, Community Outreach Manager, at 780-875-2809 or e-mail giving@lloydminsterspca.com