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So, What is Dog’s Day Out? 

Dog’s Day out is a new and exciting program that Lloydminster and District SPCA is proud to offer to our community! With this program you or a group of friends can come by the Lloydminster and District SPCA between 11 am and 3 pm to pick out a pal to hang out with for a while! You can check them out for a few hours or most of the day to get to know your new canine friend! 

Can Anyone Participate in the Program?

Of course, you can! As long as you are over 18 years of age and have a valid photo ID you can participate in this program. Lloydminster SPCA is looking for responsible people who have a little free time who would like to help an animal at the shelter that is in need. This program is perfect for people that don’t live in animal friendly housing or anyone that wants to make lots of new animal friends! Come by in between classes or before your shift at work- we’re happy to help you get set up with the right dog for you! 

Can Any Dog go on an Outing? 

The dogs that will be candidates for the program will be some of our long-timers or dogs that have been overlooked for various reasons. Some may be total sweethearts outside of their kennels, but they could be shy at the shelter or they don’t look as interesting as others. Some of these animals do not get along with other animals, so this field trip is all about human bonding. These animals will not be able to have interactions with dogs or cats while they’re on the field trip to make their fun trip safe for everyone. We will have a running list of dogs to choose from when you come to the shelter for your outing.

What Activities Can we do Together?

They can go for walks, go to your favorite dog friendly store, or go swimming in your own back yard. The amount of fun you and your shelter companion have is up to you. Some animals will be eligible to go to pet stores or you can take them home to have come 1 on 1 cuddles on the couch! 

How Does this Program Help the Dogs?

While you’re on the town you can tell people about your new friend using the pet profile we will provide with you when you check out the dog! The more exposure these animals receive with people in our community, the better! You never know who could be your new pal’s future mom! Also, when you bring them back to the shelter you will be able to send us photos of your big adventures and complete a survey about the trip. These awesome new pics and information will help us market that animal and make them more adoptable to our community. And finally, getting an animal out of the shelter for even a small amount of time makes a huge impact on their mental health. This program is the most powerful enrichment they could possibly get! 

Participating in this program will help the Lloydminster and District SPCA save more lives than ever before!

FAQ's about the Dogs Day Out Program